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It’s time to magnify your vision.

Do you remember the feeling of peering over the counter in your grandma’s kitchen and sneaking a freshly baked cookie? What about the reading nook on the second floor of the wood cabin your family visited every year? Did you ever watch a summer rainstorm huddled underneath a Southern style white washed porch?


Building a custom home gives you the opportunity to design every space with a memory in mind. Incorporate your ideal day into your blueprint, not only for your home but for your life with a custom crafted workout room, breakfast greenhouse, or wide-open family room. Make space that invites, inspires, and incorporates your traditions.

To ensure that your dreams materialize just as you hope, you will be a part of each step, from the preliminary design plans to the final installation of fixtures and finish-work. We won’t hand you the blueprints and tell you what we are going to do, instead it will feel like a trusted friend is guiding you through the process. Your future memories will not be jeopardized by our methods.


Custom Homes

Give us a challenge! Your specific and unique designs are what we get excited about. Each customization adds a little bit of magic to your everyday: a sink that is your height and warm bathroom floors in winter. Enjoy the experience of our elite concierge home building service and allow us to do what you think is impossible.



When you move into your new home and open up your favorite book in your personalized window seat or snuggle up for a movie in your new theater room, you’ll see that Bradshaw Homes & Property settles for nothing less than the best. We do not shy away from dedicating significantly greater amounts of time, planning, effort, and resources to materialize your ideas, just as you had imagined.


Value Engineering

The pleasure of having that spacious play area in the basement may not feel so wonderful when half of your gas bill goes toward heating that room in the winter. Bradshaw Homes & Property won’t let that happen; they know energy efficiency and will make it a priority in your home. From the initial design stages, let’s work together so your home can resonate a balance of customization, practicality, and eco-friendliness.

Let Bradshaw transform your blueprint dream into a hand crafted reality.

We’ve tackled the backyard shed, and we’ve polished the $1.5 million dollar home.

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