Remodel - Addition, Renovate Existing Space

Remodeling is essentially a game of difficult problem solving that transforms worn out interiors into beautiful, functional spaces. For many contractors, the problems are overwhelming and the solving is stressful as money and time are poured into a project. Bradshaw Homes & Property promise a different experience.


You don’t need to worry about discovering difficult problems just as your dreams are starting to fall into place. Bradshaw Homes & Property has yet to encounter a situation they haven’t handled beautifully, and the best part is: it is fun for us.

It is your time: launch a new addition, renovate an existing space, customize a brand new basement. Share with us what you imagine! We relish special challenges in this game of problem solving.


Value Engineering

Whether you are choosing between building materials that proclaim a cleaner footprint, or designing the layout space for the best sense of connection and freedom, we know energy and building efficiency and we will make it a priority in your home. From the initial design stages, let’s work together so your home can resonate a balance of convenience, practicality, and eco-friendliness.

Let Bradshaw transform your blueprint dream into a hand crafted reality.

We’ve tackled the backyard shed, and we’ve polished the $1.5 million dollar home.

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