About Us

Our Passion

As fifth generation builders, our passion runs deep and always returns to hammers and nails; saws and planks; roofs and basements; remodels and developments.


Illuminating the Bradshaw Homes & Property family-centered corporate history illustrates how tenacity, flexibility and quality craftsmanship breeds success, not just in our business, but also in providing unmatched service and quality for the thousands of homeowners we have served over the past 150+ years.

Our Values

You can expect innovative leadership, as we guide you through the process of building construction or renovating. After all, you have a vision of the final outcome, and we have the experience bringing it to fruition. Our goal is to exceed your expectation.

Enjoy the ride and watch our progress.

Construction is a complex process. We won’t leave you behind, nor will we leave you out. With many decisions to make along the way we offer suggestions and solutions that leverage your resources and creativity.

Take advantage of our experience.

In our years of experience, we have learned valuable techniques. Take advantage of insider insights that fix unexpected challenges, and move the process to your desired end result.

Watch the orchestration.

Even with simple remodels, it is incredible how many trades are needed: carpeting, electrical, tile, plumbing, structural, appliances, gas lines, ventilation, etc. We sub-contract much of this work out, while guaranteeing the quality of work to match the product you have come to expect.

Born to Build

Building runs in Bradshaw blood. From the first brick home built in Minersville, Utah in the 1800s, to the first prefabrication company west of the Mississippi, and to our developments in this new century,  Bradshaws have brought their expertise to a wide market along the Wasatch Front and beyond.


We bring craftsmanship to new building construction, custom homes, remodels and property development. The unique experience of providing labor, and now overseeing a strong team of experts, our leadership inspires excellence in every finished product.

Let Bradshaw transform your blueprint dream into a hand crafted reality.

We’ve tackled the backyard shed, and we’ve polished the $1.5 million dollar home.

Bradshaw Homes & Property
P.O. Box 95015
South Jordan, UT 84095